Who Are We?

A Hands-On Approach

We believe that for our partnership to guarantee a substantive ROI, it must add value to our clients in terms of increased production, increased productivity, and a satisfied workforce.

Handyman Staffing Solutions is a limited company based in Kenya, which specializes in staff outsourcing, contract manufacturing and payroll management services.
We take pride in having mastered the art of maximizing the efficiency of our clients’ manpower, both in terms of perfecting staff management and increasing production output.
Our aim is to assume all the responsibilities that are related to employment, both legal and as pertains to employee welfare and remuneration as we partake to manage them.

Our Mission

To develop a reliable and cost effective pool of personnel that adds value to our clients, by ensuring they get maximum value from their workforce and to our employees, by providing for them a dignified and honorable means of earning a living.

Our Vision

To be the premier provider of staffing needs for all companies in Kenya and across Africa.

Our Core Values

Designing a creative, efficient and cost-effective work force for our clients, while offering viable work and opportunities for our employees.

Creating flexibility to the management and enabling them to concentrate on their core business of production while we handle their human resource.

Reducing costs associated with recruiting, screening and maintaining workforce, by taking up all these responsibilities.

Responding to our clients’ personnel needs promptly, by providing staff on an on-demand basis if need be..

Treating all our personnel with the utmost respect and ensuring full and timely remuneration for services rendered.

Unwavering adherence to the prevalent labor and employment laws.