Why Choose Us?

“The growth of the Kenyan economy and its effects across East Africa has led to increased production especially in the manufacturing industry. This has led to an increased demand for an economically viable workforce and the provision of casual and contractual labor has become an issue of great necessity.”

-Dennis Rugaita (Director)

Our Core Services

Manpower Outsourcing and Management

As long as you require casual or contractual personnel for your business, be it manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, distribution or even in the service industry, we are here for you. With our highly vetted and pre - categorized pool of qualified personnel, we guarantee to take care of your staffing needs, leaving your management to concentrate on your core income generating activities. We also fully appreciate the fact that a lot of our clients have invested much in terms of resources and time in their existing staff. As such, for clients that prefer to maintain their existing staff for reasons such as experience and efficiency, we “inherit” those employees and absorb them into our machinery and they retain their positions with the said client.

Contract Manufacturing

As pioneering contract manufacturers in Kenya, we have employed our extensive experience in working in diverse factory setups spanning multiple sectors to come up with a workflow system that is easily adaptable to any client that has contracted Handyman Staffing Solutions. Contract manufacturing is the only mode of production that guarantees any manufacturer of a fixed production cost, and that eliminates the costing volatility that makes it impossible for manufacturers to work within a standard profit margin. It serves to not only increase productivity, but to do so while simultaneously “outsourcing” production related labor redundancies hence automatically reducing the clients’ running labor costs.

Payroll Processing

This service aims to see to it that our clients do not have to suffer through the tedious and time consuming, but yet extremely sensitive exercise of payroll processing and tabulation. Also, our clients can carry on with their business operations with the peace of mind that regardless of their cash position at the end of the month, their employees will get paid at the stipulated pay period. This is because not only do we undertake the role of tabulating their employees’ salaries and other statutory payments and remittances, but we also undertake to disburse the salaries and other payments on their behalf.

Our Value Add Services


Once the shortlisted candidates have been approved for training and duty deployment thereafter, you would forward their information to HMS. At this juncture, HMS would integrate them into our database and prepare their employment contracts, the terms of which would be based on their terms of engagement.

Training and Development

After conducting a HR needs analysis, we design training programs for our clients whose main aim is to grow employee loyalty towards the company and to minimize turnover. These programs are then executed and implemented in such a way that they refresh and impart new skills to the employees and also show them how to apply them.

Recruitment and Shortlisting

Our recruitment process will largely be as directed by your needs. This is with regards to factors such as: number of employees needed and location of deployment. Once this information is provided, our recruitment process commences. The initial stage would be forwarding potential candidates that had previously gone through the HMS interview process, passed, and been included into our database. If not, it would mean advertising the position.

Attendance Management

Whilst good employee scheduling and attaining proper employee attendance is important, the make or break in terms of determining productivity lies in the detail. We endeavor to give our clients detailed insight on the impact of their T&A by enabling them have an oversight of their employee deployment. This forms the basis for measuring its impact and effectiveness, which in turn helps in developing or reviewing tactical measures aimed at increasing manpower productivity. The reports we avail both on a real time and scheduled basis are crucial in eliminating time theft and human error in book keeping.